Adam Levine: Family, Birthday, and his Current Age

The well-known American personality, Adam Levine, is not only known for his acting skills but also for his great talents as a singer, record producer, and songwriter. His fans are curious about Adam Levine’s family in the year 2023. Music always was passion for Adam, and family introduced it to him. During high school Adam collaborated with friends to form a band called Kara’s Flowers. In 1997 they released debut album “The Fourth World”. Later Adam got admitted as member of Maroon 5 and dedicated with band since then. Additionally, look out for his successful music journey, Adam also made appearances in numerous movies and television shows.

In 2017 he made appearing with popular movie The Clapper. By reading this piece, you will gain insight into personal life of great musician and actor Adam Levine, which includes his family background, age, parents, and importantly his birthday. How old really he is?

Adam Levine’s fabulous family

Adam Levine comes from prominent family in Los Angeles, being one of Mr. Fred’s five children. He got two brothers, Michael and Sam, and two sisters, Liza and Julia Milne Levine, whom he holds them so dear. His father of Jewish descent and mother is Protestant. Below you can take a glance with photos of Adam and his beautiful family.

Parental Figures: Fred Levine (father) and Patsy Noah (mother)

Siblings: Julia Milne Levine, Liza Levine, Sam Levine, and Michael Levine

Spouse: Behati Prinsloo (wife)

Child: Dusty Rose Levine (daughter)

Parents of Adam Levine

Upon waking up, Adam Levine found himself in the home of Fred and Patsy Levine. Fred, his father, is the founder of M. Fredric and follows the Jewish faith. His mother, a Protestant, works as an admission counselor. Here, you can find pictures of Adam Levine’s parents.

  • Patsy Noah
  • Fred Levine

What is his age of Adam Levine?

Born in 1979, he is currently 45 years old. His age is unknown due to his physical fitness.

Adam Levine’s Child

He is the proud father of Dusty Rose Levine, whom he shares with his wife Behati. Dusty Rose was born in September 2016 and holds a special place in her father’s heart.

  • Levine, Dusty Rose

Wife of Adam Levine

Behati Prinsloo and Adam were in a romantic relationship and got married in July 2014. Behati is also a famous model. The couple is currently enjoying a blissful married life together. The picture of Adam Levine’s wife is shown below.

  • The famous personality Behati Prinsloo

Height of Adam Levine

According to his build, Adam Levine has a perfect height of 6 feet.

The net worth of Adam Levine is as follows

Based on the reports, it has been revealed that Adam Levine’s net worth is 161 million dollars. However, he has not officially confirmed this information.With a net worth of $161 million, the individual has accumulated significant wealth. At present, He is enjoying a contented life with his spouse, child, and parents, similar to most individuals. However, not many are aware of the details regarding Adam Levine’s family, such as their 2023 plans, his age, his parents, and his birthday. All of this information can be found in the text above.